THE HEALING HOUR is a weekly Face Book LIVE Talk Show

every Tuesday at 3 pm PT/ 6 pm ET/ 11 pm UK (London) /8 am AUS (Sydney) Wed.

Join your host Tyhson J. Banighen, The Energy Detective, Master Dowser and Energy Healer. My passion as The Illuminator is to bring you and humanity into The Light. Sometimes we invite a co-host such as  Michael O’Connor, our resident Academy Holistic Astrologer as we talk about Astrology, Spirituality and Healing or Janet Charette, The Traveling Theta Healer. Head over to The  Extraordinary Healing Arts Academy Facebook Page and join us by calling in toll free 1-866 369-7464. You can also join us by your smart phone or web cam or leave your questions on the Facebook page so we can help you clear what no longer serves you, so you can show up and be all you can be, receive a clearing and get your dowsing and energy healing questions answered.

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We will also talk about upcoming Academy courses and topics on The Wellness Show in on Health, Wealth and Enlightenment and The Big Picture Revealed Show, an exciting new weekly series about astrology, cosmology, astronomy, metaphysics, spirituality, the human condition and much, much more.