Tyhson Banighen:The Healing Hour:May 01,2018:Dealing with Grief and Loss

In this episode of The Healing Hour, your host Tyhson Banighen, The Illuminator, talked about how to transmute grief, loss, pain and suffering into blessings and gratitude during these stressful times. Many properties and buildings were cleared as requested on Building Clearing Monday, personal energy clearings and healings were done for the requests on Personal […]

TWS Episode 199: Lois Gueret: Spring Update From Beyond.

On Episode 199 Wellness Show, Tyhson Banighen the Illuminator, welcomes returning guest, Lois Gueret. Lois has been working in the metaphysical and spiritual community in BC since she was 17, and recently retired from doing readings as a spirit medium. In this interview Lois talked about the information she was given as a physical medium and […]

TWS Episode 198:Tammy Braswell: Ask the Universe

Today’s Wellness Show hosted by Tyhson Banighen is a phone in FB Talk Show. Ask the Universe and receive your answer by way of Tammy Braswell.who channels the higher wisdom of AllThatIs! The channeled higher wisdom of AllThatIs with Tammy Braswell Humans often think we want it “easy” by thinking that shows up as having […]

Tyhson Banighen: The Healing Hour: April 17th,2018:The Illusion of Suffering

Today’s topic for discussion during the Healing Hour at 3:00 pm PT/6:00 pm ET is The Illusion of Suffering. The quote…..”When attachment to the body dissolves… we are everywhere” is apropos because the biggest illusion is we are separate from everything else around which creates suffering. To listen on Itunes & subscribe to The Wellness […]

Michael O’Connor:The Big Picture Revealed Show Episode 10:Destiny, Prediction and Predetermination

 Michael OÇonnor, the resident Holistic Astrologer for The Extraordinary Healing-Arts Academy is interviewed by Tyhson Banighen about the prospect of being able to make predictions about the future is a cornerstone of science in its very inception. Observation and recognition of a pattern that repeats is the basic formula. It is this practice that […]

Michael O’Connor:The Big Picture Revealed Show Episode 9:Destiny, Prediction and Predetermination

 Join Michael O’Connor, holistic astrologer and Tyhson Banighen host of The Wellness Show as they discuss “Destiny, Prediction and Predetermination” as part of this exciting new weekly series about astrology, cosmology, astronomy, metaphysics, spirituality, the human condition and much, much more Join us weekly on Facebook Live at our regular time every Thursday at […]


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