Tyhson J. Banighen

Tyhson J. Banighen is a Master Dowser, President of the Holistic Intuition Society www.In2It.ca , past Vice President and present Board of the Canadian Society of Questers  www.Questers.ca and Founder of The Extraordinary Healing Arts Academy. He is called the Energy Detective www.EnergyDetective.ca and mentors clients worldwide on how to manage and maintain their bioenergy fields and provides online dowsing and energy healing tools and services at www.TheWellnessStore.ca click here. As the Illumiator he helps clients discover and release their inner light at www.MyDivineGifts.com.

He is a researcher and teacher of ancient and modern Technologies of Transformation that are simple, straight forward and can be easily learned by anyone to let go in the process of achieving full embodied enlightenment in this lifetime. My goal is to empower people to bring about change in their lives, to heal themselves, others, society and the planet.

Technologies of Transformation such as Rosicrucian, Mayan shamanism, the Tao, Dowsing, Water Enchantment, Geomancy, Geobiology, Sacred Geometry, Wizardry are all ancient ancient technologies of transformation to help us re-member our true inner nature and our connection to Source and the planet. As humans we are all one with all of life. We individually and collectively create the world we live in as a reflection of our inner world. We are the stewards or caretakers of the planetary life stream.

In the area of Sacred Body, Tyhson Banighen is a Certified Spiritual Coach, an Intuitive, an Atlantean & Usui Reiki Master, Heart Resonance Advanced Practitioner, certified by Dawn Clark  as a Toxic Emotion and Core Fracture Facilitator,  certified to provide  Access Consciousness and Theta, works with Divine Mother healing energies and is an Energy Detective, Master Dowser and Teacher, Diviner and Geomancer provides wellness assessments, exorcism of possession and karmic releases.

He is also a Certified Sound Coach with the Quantum Sound theory session used  to releases core fractures, karma and traumas which are the roots of stress and pain. He assists you to know your soul essence through sound and vibration. www.sacred-soul-sounds.ca

In the area of Sacred Earth he has been involved in, studied, taught and written numerous articles for The Social Planning and Resource Center (SPARC)  publication on environmental issues. He has taught and lectured on alternative communities, consensus decision making, bioregionalism, ecoforestry, permaculture, international development, sustainable communities, land stewardship and land trusts with a focus on deepening the sacred connection between humans and nature.

As an academic he has a Master of Arts in Whole Systems Design focused on organizational renewal and design, and has designed and taught university courses with a focus on the alienation of humans from nature, adult education, conflict resolution and community economic development.

He has authored an ebook title, Dowsing & Other Methods for Personal and Planetary Transformation: Heal ourselves, others & the Planet with an accompanying 2 DVD set with over 12 hours of instruction.

From 1975 – 2000 he was the founder and executive director of a nonprofit charitable society called TIES – Turtle Island Earth Stewards that brought the land trust movement to British Columbia. TIES assisted individuals and communities to protect the ecological aspects of their properties for present and future generations. TIES International worked with and assisted environmental organizations in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Ecuador and Grenada in the West Indies.

He was a founding Board member of the Land Trust Alliance of B.C., which consists of over 40 organizations involved in the stewardship, restoration, enhancement and long term voluntary or legally binding protection of private property. In addition he is the past co-chair of the BC Council of International Cooperation that consists of over 32 organizations involved in international development in the Third World. He was also a member of the Steering Committee for the Forest Caucus of the Canadian Environmental Network that provides consultation to the Canadian government on global forest issues and was part of the Canadian delegation to the United Nations Commission on Environment and Development.

He authored, A Volunteer’s Guide to Monitoring Conservation Agreements. He has published many articles including a chapter in the book Ecoforestry: The Art and Science of Sustainable Forest Use, New Society Publishers, 1997 and has co-produced two videos on international development.

He has an extensive background in curriculum development in the areas of private conservancy, environment and international development. He has designed and taught international development cirrocumuli titled, Local to Global Awareness through Development Education for Canada World Youth. He is also a Permaculture Design Course instructor and has designed a Train the Trainer Courses for the Miskito Indians in Nicaragua. In the area of private conservancy he has designed and taught a course on Creating a Community Land Trust for two years as part of the Community Development Institute held each summer in a different community and did a number of yearly presentations at the annual gathering of the Land Trust Alliance of BC.

He has designed and taught courses at Simon Fraser University titled, Communications in Conflict and Intervention and Case Studies and Models in Community Economic Development. He has designed and taught a course on job readiness for the Workplace Basic Adult Education department at the Okanagan University College, Salmon Arm Campus and has provided through TIES domestic and international intern work training experiences for 45 undergraduates and graduates of various colleges and universities.

He’s a student of Maya Shamanism and is a crystal skull caretaker. He uses his crystal skulls for cognitive and planetary leyline realignments and has published a DVD titled, The Crystal Skull Phenomena. His teacher is Miguel Angel Vegara Calleros a Mayan Priest and Master Teacher www.casakin.org. He and his life partner Serah Roer are part of a group that yearly travels with Miguel Angel Vegara Calleros  and Richard Jelusich, Ph.D. Master Healer and Teacher www.lightnews.org where they conduct ceremony at Mayan sacred sites and study ancient Maya ascension technologies.

If you are ready I can assist you with your next best step.

  • As an intuitive I gain insights into your energy world.
  • As a shaman learning the Maya tradition I conduct ceremony, work with the Lords of Lights, the ancient ones and crystal skulls.
  • As a Buddhist and Taoist I seek to express my true nature and to be the change I want to see in the world.
  • As a Soul Coach I assist you to discover your true nature and heal yourself.
  • As an Energy Detective, I dowse as a means to strengthen your intuition and your connection to Source.
  • As a Geomancer I identify and work with your landscape deva and the angelic and earth energies of place to manifest beneficial personal, garden, property and earth energies.
  • As a Diviner I locate healthy sweet water.
  • As a Master Dowser I teach you how to dowse to connect with your Higher Self and Source.
  • As a Usui and Atlantean Reiki Master and advanced Heart Resonance practitioner I assist you to clear your energy fields and connect to Source.
  • As an IRT – Inner Resonance Technology practitioner in training I coach you to clear your field and set your intention in the quantum field of all possibilities.
  • Using the Quantum Sound Therapy technology I record your intention and create a Soul Tone CD which you listen to daily. Your voice is imprinted with Robert Lloy’s scalar technology into structured Dr. Emoto water which you drink for daily resonance clearing.
  • My partner Serah Roer is a retired Registered Nurse, a certified Health Coach in the area of vegetarian diets, organic food production and preservation. Together we operated the Sunnybrae Cottage & Retreat Centre. Come stay and relax in nature and learn  how to change your diet and grow your own food.

Imagine knowing your next best step!

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