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Michael O’Connor, Academy Holistic Astrologer

Michael is a full-time Astrologer and Certified Life Coach serving an international clientele. He has 35 years of study and 25 years of professional practice in Astrology, Numerology, Human Potential and related holistic, metaphysical, psychological and spiritual modalities.

Michael is an insightful writer and teacher dedicated to educating people to realize that, how and why astrology works and particularly how it can be made applicable to better understand their life circumstances, and gain valuable insight, guidance, and strategy to inspire them to achieve personal growth and to actualize their full potential.

Dedicated to helping his clients to better know who they are and what constitute the finer details of their life’s purpose and destiny to actualize their authentic individuality and enduring success is at the core of Michael’s work. Visit his website at to access the weekly horoscope, articles, and testimonials








Michael O’Connor is the host of

The Big Picture Revealed Show every Thursday at 1:00 pm PT/4:00 pm ET with host Michael O’Connor the Academy’s resident holistic astrologer and anchored by co-host Tyhson J. Banighen.

 Michael O’Connor

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