The “Golden Oldies” Master Dowers and Energy Healers Video Series

This first series of videos are “golden oldies” from workshop presentations that were made at Holistic Intuition Conferences (HIS) by 20 Master Dowsers and Energy Healers. Some of the presenters are no longer with us. Becoming a Master Dowser or Energy Healers usually involves a mentoring process. As a Master Dowser and instructor I would like to thank all the Master Dowsers and Energy Healers, some of who are in this series, on whose shoulders I stand. Together across dimensions of space and time, we are co-creating a new future and therefore a new world. These presentations are available as downloadable MP4 files. Please help keep the costs down by making a generous donation to create this legacy of Master Dowsers and Energy Healers for this and future generations. To see which downloadable mp4 are available then click here.