What Kind of Pendulum Should I Use?

It is not important what type of pendulum you choose to use to do clearing work. You can use any dowsing tool of the trade such as a bobber (used by Raymon Grace), a pendulum, a Ptah pendulum (which is what John Living and I use, which is a very strong pendulum to do clearing work) or even just rotate your finger.

Remember: A counter clockwise rotation clears non beneficial energies and and clockwise rotation is used afterwards to bring in new beneficial energies. To order dowsing tools visit The Holistic Intuition Society at http://www.in2it.ca/tools.htm

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To learn how to undertake a Deep Clearing I encourage you to take either the More than a Beginners’ Dowsing Course if you you want to learn how to dowse and then the Take Back Your Power NOW course which are available on The Academy.