Exercise – Video 3: Become Heart Centered

In this last video in the series of 3 videos, I adjust your Assemblage Point. This adjustment will help you become more heart centred. Use these 3 videos to stay centred in your body and in your heart so you stay stress-free. I guarantee that if you undertake this challenge for 21 days straight you will have more energy, success and wellness.

Your Next Best Step

To learn more about Dowsing and Energy Healing I suggest you take the More than a Beginner’s Dowsing Course.

To learn how to strengthen and maintain your energy and vitality I suggest you take the course Take Back Your Power NOW

In the Dowsing & Energy Healing For Personal & Planetary Transformation, you will learn how to adjust your own and others Assemblage Points (AP). In the meantime use this video to daily or periodically have your AP adjusted. You send others to this course to have their AP adjusted. Adjusting an AP is particularly important after a fall or any other trauma, accident or operation.

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Choose to be extraordinary,

Tyhson Banighen, The Energy Detective