Tyhson Banighen: The Healing Hour: April 03, 2018 2018:Planetary Upgrades & Three Ways to Clear Your Bioenergy Field.

During the April 3, 2018 on The Healing Hour your host Tyhson Banighen, The Illuminator talked about how to deal with the new planetary upgrade energies that are flooding the planet. Maintaining one’s bioenergy field from the inside means releasing trapped negative emotions such as core fractures from abuse, trauma, near death experiences some of […]

TWS Episode 195: Batista Gremaud:The Esoteric Principles of Body Building

Tyhson Banighen, the host of The Wellness Show interviews Batista Gremaud, the co-founder of the International Institute of Body Design. Batista helps busy women over 40, look and feel 15 years younger, by eliminating aches and pains with Dr. Fitness USA’s proprietary system, guaranteed. Batista Gremaud merges universal and esoteric principles to the art of […]

TWS Episode 194: Christy Warnick:Enhancing Your Spiritual Gifts

Tyhson Banighen, the host of The Wellness Show, interviews Christy Warnick who is a Spiritual, Intuitive and Energy Healer, Light Worker, Lightwave Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and Certified Angel Alchemist, who helps others witness and receive what they need and want. She is a true believer in miracles and that anything is possible. She bring that […]


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