TWS 187 : Michael O’Connor The Big Picture Revealed, Episode 2

Tyhson J. Banighen the host of the Wellness Show interviews Michael O’Connor, the Holistic Astrologer on Ep. 2 of the Big Picture show revealed. Welcome to the Chinese New Year, the year of the earth dog an auspicious year, a new moon and a partial solar eclipse. Michael discusses the bases of the Chinese calendar […]

TWS Episode 185 Nenari Anne Diamond: Soul Astrology

Tyhson J. Banighen the host of The Wellness Show interviews Nenari Anne Diamond, The Princess of the Sea who looks like Princess Leia of Star Wars shares her wisdom of Soul Astrology, our lunar phases, 2018  the year of the unicorn and much more! This is the year of the unicorn on the soul level and according […]

TWS 184 : Michael O’Connor The Big Picture Revealed, Episode 1

The focus of this weekly show will be to weave a wide array of disciplines of human endeavor to understand who we are as a species and why we are here. At worst, out current world view is largely anchored in a materialistic model which asserts that life is essentially random and arbitrary, the result […]

TWS Episode 183 Tyhson Banighen: The Healing Hour January 16th,2018

During the weekly Facebook Talk Show the host Tyhson Banighen took calls and did clearing statements for those that phoned in for personal and property healings. We also did clearings on Hollywood, The White House and The Pentagon, churches. We also did some ancestral clearings, clearings for parasites, molds and viruses and clearings for prosperity, […]

Imagine Having Unlimited Prosperity!

Imagine Having Unlimited Prosperity All my life I have want to create unlimited abundance in my life. I get close to tasting success and then it is gone. I don’t know about you, but I have been trying to find the secret behind the secret, but with no success.  Well now I have found it! […]

TWS Episode 182 Iona Flores: Star DNA Activation

Tyhson Banighen, the host of The Wellness Show, interviews Iona Flores regarding DNA Star Activations. Listen in and receive an upgrade of your DNA and light bodies Who wants an upgrade on the most important piece of YOU. We upgrade our phones, computers, cars, homes, and clothes. These are all material possessions. Don’t YOU think it’s […]

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

Here are some prosperity techniques that came to me while reading The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, by Catherine Ponder, DeVorss & Company 1962  Do you want to be Financially Independent? I just opened this book and started reading. In this way, I get to read exactly what I need to know in the moment.   The exercise I read […]

An exercise from The Sasquatch Message to Humanity

Book 3, Chapter 9 by Kelly Lapseritis “In order for your personal and collective human consciousness to evolve into peaceful and respectful relations with all kingdoms of life, your people must change the core beliefs that cause the controversy. Disconnect from the emotional responses and criticism that you have of yourself and of other people, […]

TWS Episode 181 Tyhson Banighen, The Healing Hour :Working With Elementals

Today’s Talk Show was all about how to work with elementals to correct severe weather patterns, chemtrails, HARP, bioengineering, climate change and mind control. All these are attempts to override the earth’s natural cycles and highjack human evolution. Here is an excerpt from my book, Dowsing and Energy Healing for Personal and Planetary Ascension: As […]