Use your Voice to Reprogram your DNA

Heal Your Trauma. Calm your emotions. Create a new reality. Change your life. What does a Sacred Soul Sound Sessions entail? It starts with a 15-min Orientation Session. Then follows a 45-minute sound coaching session, with a guided mediation. Your voice is recorded to establish a baseline inventory of what is happening energetically at the […]

Do you want a DNA Star Activation?

Tyhson Banighen, the host of The Wellness Show, interviews Iona Flores regarding DNA Star Activations. Who wants an upgrade on the most important piece of YOU. We upgrade our phones, computers, cars, homes, and clothes. These are all material possessions. Don’t YOU think it’s time to care for the more important things in life like your […]

Making Room for the New You

This the fourth in a series of daily emails that will end up in your email box every morning if you subscribe to the Academy Newsletter at Snakes shed their skins to make room for the new. After the holidays this may mean opening your belt one or two more notches, but when it comes […]

Letting Go -The Pathway to Surrender

This blog is from the third email of my daily emails series that is ending up in your email box every morning if you subscribe to www. Extraordinary-Healing-Arts.Academy Newsletter. This was a busy Sunday for me as I had a client visiting our Sunnybrae Retreat Center He was in the midst of what he […]

Welcome to the New Year 2018 – Master Number 11

This blog post is from the first daily email being sent out to all the subscribers on my email lists. Greetings This the first of the daily emails you will receive from me, Tyhson Banighen, Master Dowser and The Illuminator. I guide, I coach, I mentor people to discover their inner light and their life’s […]