TWS Episode 162 :Chris Lee: Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression

On The Wellness Show today Tyhson Banighen interviews  Chris Lee, a Canadian Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Past Life Regressionist. He is an author with 3 books of the 6 he is writing in a series called “Life in the Past Lane” full of interesting case histories.Chris has developed a system, a modality, of clearing up his […]

TWS 024: Susan Turner: Heart Resonance

Susan Turner is a Heart Resonance teacher and faculty member of the Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts and Sciences. She’s a contributing author to Roy Hunter’s upcoming book, “The Art of Spiritual Hypnotherapy.” She’s an angel sound balancing intuitive practitioner and Susan’s psychic skills are primarily empathic with sound, but also includes visual. Susan was […]