The Elemental I – My Innate Intelligence

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TWS Episode 164 : Jenna Kuhlen :The Mind Body Soul Connection

Tyhson J. Banighen the host of The Wellness Show interviews the business owner, entrepreneur, model and fitness instructor Jeanna Kuleen about The Mind, Body, Soul Connection. We talked about how this holistic perspective of balancing the three – mind, body, and soul – is the foundation of wellness, holism and the newly emerging paradigm for […]

TWS Episode 156 : Sue Paulson:Answering The Healing Call

Tyhson  Banighen interviews Sue Paulson an Inspirational Speaker and Author, Sue Paulson believes in the magnificence in everyone she meets. No stranger to adversity, she came back after a near death experience in 2007 only to face two bouts of cancer in 2011 & 2012. Thriving now, Sue views cancer as a major wake-up call […]

TWS Episode 153: Christy Warnick:Healing Manifesting and Miracles

Tyhson Banighen interviews Christy Warnick’s who’s spiritual journey started a few years ago with a “wake up call” or what she calls a course correction. After having some allergy symptoms and looking for and finding alternative treatments for them, her health kept getting worse. She was given a choice and chose to follow a divinely […]

TWS Episode 150:Lorraine Burke:12 Strand DNA Activation

Tyhson’s guest on The Wellness Show is Lorraine Burke, from Australia, who is a “walk in.” n (glide-in) to the physical form of a baby girl born BLUE, 2 hours after birth. It is documented that 2 large pink spots came on either upper arm and either thigh.  The doctors were amazed as they watched […]

TWS Episode 149:Linda Borghi:You Are Just One Seed Away

Linda Borghi is a Biodynamic farmer of Abundant Life Farm in Walker Valley, NY with no lack of diverse experience.  She has worked both sides of the fence, as both a vendor and producer. She began her career in 1977, managing four star restaurants on the upper east side of Manhattan, including La Grenouille, Bruno’s, […]

TWS Episode 131 : Laura Fenamore:Love the Way You Look

In this episode of The Wellness Show, Tyhson and Laura Fenamore discuss the topic of body image, an issue that affects a lot of people across the globe today. Laura presents effective steps that promise to help people learn to gracefully embrace their body image. Laura begins by emphasizing that one of the things that […]

TWS Episode 041:Ria Swift:How to Heal Yourself

Direct link to audio click here To listen on Itunes & subscribe to The Wellness Show click here To listen on Google Play sign into your google account and click here To bookmark RSS feed click here To subscribe to Stitcher click here To watch video interviews and subscribe to the Academy Youtube Channel click […]

TWS 023: Diane Kelm: Healing Arts Finder

Diane Kelm is the creator of Healing Arts Finder, the place to find healing and intuitive arts practitioners. She joins us to discuss her idea to build a community where people can find solutions to what’s happening in their lives. To listen on Itunes and subscribe to The Wellness Show podcast, click here To bookmark […]