Use your Voice to Reprogram your DNA

Heal Your Trauma. Calm your emotions. Create a new reality. Change your life. What does a Sacred Soul Sound Sessions entail? It starts with a 15-min Orientation Session. Then follows a 45-minute sound coaching session, with a guided mediation. Your voice is recorded to establish a baseline inventory of what is happening energetically at the […]

Part 2 – Your Innate Intelligence – The Elemental I

If you would like to review these blog posts as a daily email, then please subscribe to the Newsletter at the www.Extraordinary-Healing-Arts.Academy. Thanks for subscribing. Your body, like the body of Mother Earth or Gaia is a living being that consists of elemental forces that individually and collectively maintain the necessary systems to maintain life on […]

TWS Episode 150:Lorraine Burke:12 Strand DNA Activation

Tyhson’s guest on The Wellness Show is Lorraine Burke, from Australia, who is a “walk in.” n (glide-in) to the physical form of a baby girl born BLUE, 2 hours after birth. It is documented that 2 large pink spots came on either upper arm and either thigh.  The doctors were amazed as they watched […]