TWS Episode173 :Charlie Riverman Bergeron: Water and Our Responses

Charlie Riverman Berge calls himself an Earth Angel – Watershed Guardian – Planetary Healer / Dowser – Spiritual Recovery Facilitator. His life changed after a near death experience during a motorcycle accident. Charlie now only knows how to speak from his heart. He has a passion for doing water blessing, working with crystal skulls and laying out huge crystal grids in the landscape. Charlie says, “Being the Full Moon and a Council member of which promotes water ceremonies and blessings it is fitting that I talk about Water from a very personal perspective.” He continues, “Blessings to all on this Monday morning…Yes, it is another rainy Monday but then again maybe it won’t rain and will just be humid and overcast.

Amazing how Water changes shape and form yet is always water. Liquid, Solid or Gas there is no separation of the Hydrogen and Oxygen. Not that it can’t be done, it is just like us when we separate Our Spirit from the bodies We are contained in. We are no longer Hu- Man. Yes, we are feeling that Humans are truly being forcibly separated these days. Both from each other and within themselves. I’m always being reminded of the Divide and Conquer paradigm in which have lived for far too long now. Let’s stop the insanity, please. Well my message this week was about Water and Blessing it in all its forms. So too, as we do this with the water in our own bodies, everything changes back into a more cohesive crystalline pattern. So, let us be Joyful on rainy Mondays and every time we are witnessing Water… Water Is Life and not to be diminished or disrespected and Life is not either. Now I’m off to play in the rain or as some might say work… I prefer to play! Have a great week and think about the Waters in your Life and how you can respond to them in a more positive and healing way. What you give to the Water you will receive as it flows through you every cell of your body. I Love You – I Thank You – I Respect You Riverman I suggest you listen to Charlie with your heart and be moved to honor and bless the water within your and in your life.

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