TWS Episode 180 Tyhson Banighen: The Healing Hour January 2nd 2018


JOIN THE GROUP HEALING HOUR ON FB LIVE every Tuesday at 3:00 pm PT. What do you want to have help with to clear or let go of today? This could be trauma, unresolved emotions, family of origin, past life, matriarchal or patriarchal lineage, inner child. When we clear together we change the past, present and the future world. Phone in and get your questions answered on FB Live every Tuesday at 3 pm PT/ 6 pm ET/ 11 pm UK (London) /8 am AUS (Sydney) Wednesday. Go to click on the button to receive a reminder. To join as a guest, by webcam or smartphone just use the link posted in the comments or use our toll free North America number 1-866 DOWSING (369-7464) If you miss the call not to worry as it will be posted as a YouTube video in The Academy (EHHA) Please become an EHHA subscriber and leave your comments here and on Facebook. For 2 or more years of past recordings for $33.00 a month, you can subscribe by clicking here. Thank you for helping clear the planet of trauma, one person at a time starting with yourself. Warmest Regards, Tyhson Banighen, Mentor, Energy Detective and Academy Founder

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