TWS Episode 176:Darlis Mayes:Akashic Records

Tyhson Banighen, the host of The Wellness Show, interviews Darlis Mayes about the Akashic Records, how to access them, what sort of questions can be asked.

Rev. Darlis Mayes M.S.  is an Akashic Record reader, teacher and Instructor. She is an International Dowser, Speaker, and Presenter at International, and National conference’s, Spiritual retreats, and co-facilitator of Sacred Journey’s, she is a spiritual coach, and teaches an on-line course the 12-Revolutionary Agreements.  Her personal mission statement is to aid herself, others and the planet at this time of accession and time of transition.

She is the owner of Heaven Sent LLC, an Intervention company, where she utilizes her spiritual gifts to aid those in need of mental health, and Substance abuse issues.

Darlis was formally taught Dowsing, and then added her own Alchemical blend to the process. She is a member of Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium an International group of dowsers’ who come together to learn and to assist projects in need.

She has answered the call to Africa to aid the Gorillas, and a mass genocide that was negatively impacting the lay line grids. Also assisted Lake Victoria which is the water supply to 5 countries.

Contact information for Akashic Record Readings

Darlis Mayes: 561-339-2614
Darlis email:
Deb email: and
Darlis website:

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