TWS Episode 172: Amy Jo Ellis: The Court of Antonement & The Power of Your Name

Tyhson Banighen, the host of The Wellness Show, welcomes Amy Joe Ellis back to talk further about The Court of Atonement and How to Clear Your Name. If you haven’t listen to Eps. 171 on The Court of At-One-Ment and how to use it, I suggest you do so because people are having some miraculous results.

Amy Joe explains why our names are sacred and how we can clear our names, clear our energy and ground. Once we have figured out how to restore our connection to our names we regain our personal power. Lots of people are named after people they don’t like, so they change their names and lose part of the power available to them. We talked adoption, name changing and clearing one’s relationship to one’s birth mother during a Court of Atonement session. She also talks about some common misconceptions about walk ins, possession and exorcisms plus an empowering perspective of the Lord’s Prayer.

Amy Jo has the uncanny ability to pin point conflicts in your life. Amy Jo can step into your energy field and assist you in finding and healing unresolved events. Each of these unhealed events feels like carrying a heavy object. Healing the memory frees up your energy. Amy Jo offers free 20-minute sessions. For full hour sessions, there is a suggested $75.00 donation, but it is by no means mandatory.

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