TWS Episode 167 Bill Heinrich:True Life Purpose NOW, The Foundation, Part III of IV

Tyhson Banighen, the host of The Wellness Show, invites Bill Heinrich to join us on today’s Healing Hour. Today we are talking about Your Life Lessons. This is Part 3 of 4 of the Wellness Show interviews on Your True-Life Purpose NOW.

Bill says most people are living in survival mode which is a competitive struggle. Bill helps three ladies know and learn about their live lessons and how to trust their guidance and how to stay grounded in the body and to make choices that effortlessly move one towards fulfilling their lives purpose.

Bill’s “True Life Purpose Now” program was developed over his 23 years of personal development and in it he shares the “best of the best” of what he’s learned. For example, he’s figured out how to unlock the Divinity Code, which shows people each of their own 7 divine gifts. He adds that we all have these gifts, but in different proportions.

One of the greatest challenges we face is that we live in the physical world, which is in limitation and not abundance. As a result, people live for survival. “What I teach is energy that’s available to us from Source”

His intense and dedicated effort at self-discovery and enlightenment has taken many forms and much study. Bill is a certified Feng Shui practitioner and a certified “Coaching for Divine Purpose” coach. He is a numerology instructor and a student of tarot, astrology, Bach Flower Essences and homeopathy. In addition, Bill has received certifications as Certified Professional Coach, Extraordinary Coach Certification, Big Money Business Coach Certification and is an Instant Miracle Technique Master Trainer.

People that Bill works with are now integrating his teachings into their lives and seeing drastic results in understanding who they are as a divine being, here in physical form. “We don’t have a soul, we are a soul”

Everyone lives in their stories of the past, which they’ve told themselves so that they can survive. If you’re being defensive, you’re coming from ego and fear, and protecting something. “There are only two things in the world, and that’s it; there’s love, and there’s fear.”

He adds that love needs no defense and fear does, because fear is about being right. The more love we give, the more we get as love is infinite.

Bill believes that when you understand your spiritual foundation, and your divine gifts that’s all you need, and life is about the choices that you make to support your soul. “I live in a peaceful, calm world where I’m responsible for the choices I make”

He feels that there is something that we all came here to do, and we all have our unique gift to share with the world. We need to leave just surviving and get into thriving, making massive changes in our corner of the world.

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