TWS Episode 164 : Jenna Kuhlen :The Mind Body Soul Connection

Tyhson J. Banighen the host of The Wellness Show interviews the business owner, entrepreneur, model and fitness instructor Jeanna Kuleen about The Mind, Body, Soul Connection. We talked about how this holistic perspective of balancing the three – mind, body, and soul – is the foundation of wellness, holism and the newly emerging paradigm for business. The old paradigm of putting your head down, working hard, survival of the fittest, etc. no longer works for those on a spiritual path as it leads to stress, burn out, isolation, disorder, disease, being out of the body which can lead to painful accidents. The emerging business paradigm, certainly for empaths, involves surrendering to intuition, guidance and being lead by service, vision, and purpose.

Jenna Kuleen is the owner of The Wellness Body and Spa located in Calgary, Alberta Canada that provides wellness services worldwide.

The Wellness Body & Spa

Suite 100, 628 11 Ave SW, T2R 0E2 Calgary, Canada

Tel: (403) 245-1212



Web site:


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