TWS Episode 159 : Michael O’Connor :Holism, Healing and Astrology Part II of IV

In this 4 part series, Humanistic Astrologer Michael O’Connor shares his insights about the rapidly re-emerging paradigm of holism. This paradigm explains how and why Astrology and holistic healing methodologies work. It will also shed light on the intrinsic connection these disciplines share and why the holistic approach is invaluable to the healing process.

In part II of this IV part interview, Michael discusses:

  • Why astrology can be used for healing, as part of a holistic model.
  • Michael shares an example of a client with multiple health issues, and how certain characteristics and indications were found in her astrology chart that indicated hyper-sensitivity.
  • How true health should be approached with astrology as an important tool to help see tendencies, challenges, karma, cycles of influence, etc.
  • Why humanistic astrology is not “pat” or rigid, and has the approach of “every case on its own ground”, honouring the probabilities, possibilities and potential of the individual, beyond just mere prediction (auto-suggesting) or putting them in a box, which has the danger of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Michael O’connor Contact Information

Life Coach Astrologer
(514) 9126871

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