TWS Episode 158 : Michael O’Connor :Holism, Healing and Astrology Part I of 4

In this 4 part series, Humanistic Astrologer Michael O’Connor shares his insights about the rapidly re-emerging paradigm of holism. This paradigm explains how and why Astrology and holistic healing methodologies work. It will also shed light on the intrinsic connection these disciplines share and why the holistic approach is invaluable to the healing process. 

 Here are questions we will explore during the first show.

  1. You’re a “humanistic” Astrologer, which implies that there are other approaches to Astrology. Tell me more about the humanistic approach.
  2. Tell me more about what you understand about the term “holism”.
  3. Astrology has been closely related to health and healing since ancient times – please elaborate on what you know about that, and associating planets and signs to body parts or illnesses.  (Why did the ancients think this way?)
  4. Can you shed light on the current status of Astrology in the world at this time?
  5. Can you provide an example of an Astrology reading with clients who come to you seeking help about health conditions?

Michael O’Connor

Life Coach Astrologer
(514) 9126871

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