TWS Episode 157: Simeon Nartoomid:The Peace of the Sacred HOW

Tyhson Banighen the host of The Wellness Show interviewed Simeon Nartoomid on The Topic of The Peace of the Sacred HOW.

Simeon has 27+ years’ experience exploring Cosmic Consciousness. A modern-day mystic, future visionary, intuitive, higher dimensional channel and cosmic consciousness and oneness professional. He is certified in Usui Reiki, Johrei Healing, ThetaHealing®, Bio-Tuning Sound Healing, Human BioAcoustics Sound Healing, Voyage to Heart Intelligence, Spiritual Healer and Earth Steward (S.H.E.S) plus he is a Minister, ordained Liberal Priest with a degree in divinity.

We talked about the term “the peace of the sacred HOW”? Most gurus talk about being in the NOW, but the HOW is never explained. The NOW can be turbulent with all the unresolved conflict and mind chatter, but the HOW has to do with stilling the mind, connecting to one’s heart and receiving guidance from Source. Simeon talked about how our thoughts create our reality. Most of us peruse our inner demons and try and bring them under control, but the more we focus on what we don’t the more what we don’t want shows up in our lives.  

Simeon described his core cosmic work titled “Soul Genesis Matrix, which is a whole system synthesis of different modalities he has studied to provide his clients with an operating manual to manage body during your incarnational journey on planet earth.

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