TWS Episode 154 :Priya Deyghatak: Working with the Ancestors

Tyhson Banighen interviews Priyadarshini Dey-Ghatak about the importance of working with one’s ancestors.

I am an energy healer from London, England supporting people to transform their lives by breaking through the barriers and living the life that they were born to live. My clients learn about what truly drives them and live out their passions, whilst feeling fully supported to do so. My main work is using the ThetaHealing Technique® through which I work with clients to understand the blocks that are holding them back. Using the ThetaHealing Technique, the practitioner connects into the ThetaHealing brainwave and The Creator of All That Is (aka Source/God/Allah/etc). The practitioner is simply the conduit because he/she is guided through the entire healing to use a ‘digging process’ to find out the root cause of a problem and heal it from there. We witness the Creator pulling out beliefs that no loner serve the client and download them with new beliefs in alignment with the highest truth. Each time we do this, the client becomes more closely aligned than before to the divinity within themselves. Often what we think is the issue is very different from the actual problems and although we think these issues are our own, we sometimes find they belong to others.

Ancestral influences can have a big impact on the way in which we live our lives. They can be the cause of our self-sabotage, difficulties in manifesting money, clients, in knowing ourselves properly. They can create a ‘push-pull’ situation where we try to go forward only to be pulled back again to square one. The contracts of our ancestors to work with low vibration energies, particular gods, or to be healed by us can wreak havoc on us, especially as our ancestors were subjected to a huge amount of persecution. Ancestral healing is therefore important and valuable in raising their vibration, healing their wounds and sending them to the light so that they and us can finally be free. For me, ancestral healing has given me a greater sense of compassion for my ancestors, other people and myself. Ancestral healing has enabled me to have a greater connection to the Creator of All That Is, work with unconditional love and light and provide clients with powerful healings that create permanent change with time and dedication. In the last five months, which is a very short time, I have seen huge shifts in myself, my life and how I interact with others and I am finally starting to manifest the life I wish to lead.

To contact Priyadarshini email her on or my Facebook group ‘Divinely Guided: To Awaken the Divine Within.’

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