TWS Episode 152 Tonya Godin:Healing and Energy Through the Arts

The host Tyhson Banighen interviews Tonya Godin, based out of the Okanagan, BC. Tonya specializes in Energy & Healing through the Arts. Quietly and lovingly navigating through life; using Love as her compass; she puts her natural gifts into action for the People. She chose the name “Aumakua” as it is the Hawaiian word for Ancestors. She believes her practice it is a gift from Ancestral presence & knowledge.

We talked about how she creates a bubble of love for her young students to find and demonstrate their confidence through the martial arts, which provides an opportunity for the parents to see their child’s uniqueness.

Tonya was raised in tipis and on tops of mountains, a daughter of non- conformist nomadic parents. South Okanagan and the Bid Island of Hawaii are where her strongest roots can be found. She has been present as a birthing doula for the last 5 birthing within her family, believing how we welcome our ancestors into this world, gives them the strongest start in walking their path.

As you sit with Tonya in counsel or lay upon her healing table, she is listening to your story & your ancestors’ stories, allowing ‘all else’ to unfold within the ‘beautiful’. The true you emerge out from under all the layers of programming and false notions/.

She believes her practice it is a gift from Ancestral presence & knowledge. With many Holistic Healthcare Certifications & Registrations to her credit, she is also a Birthing Doula, Martial Arts registered master/teacher and a retired Emergency Mental Health nurse of 20 years.
She is the founder of Aumakua Healing and Woo Kim Okanagan Taekwondo.

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