TWS Episode 151:Darlene Ager :Horse Wizardry

Darlene Ager, Registered Horse Therapist is Tyhson Banighen’s guest on episode 151 of The Wellness Show.

They discuss what equine therapy is and what a registered equine therapist does.

The training enables practitioners to work with many different healing modalities such as… chiropractic, soft tissue release, accu pressure, meridian balance, tuning forks, herbal remedies and many more.

Darlene Ager is a registered equine Therapist. Graduated from BC College of Equine Therapy. Seven years experience with massage and body work.

She was often referred to as “magic hands”

Darlene lives in the Shuswap, her travels have taken her from the Yukon to Mexico working hands on with clients or at a distance.

Her expertise can be applied to any animal as well as people. Complimenting both horse and rider.

Darlene’s greatest passion is to help animals, being that bridge between human and animal and bring balance to body, mind and spirit.

“When I was at the Horse Clinic they brought me a young horse that had been overwhelmed and pushed too hard too fast, as they didn’t know what I do this horse was perfect as he required almost every tool I had in my belt to bring him back to balance. I had several more horses that weekend and received many positive reports back” `Darlene Ager.

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