TWS Episode 150:Lorraine Burke:12 Strand DNA Activation

Tyhson’s guest on The Wellness Show is Lorraine Burke, from Australia, who is a “walk in.” n (glide-in) to the physical form of a baby girl born BLUE, 2 hours after birth. It is documented that 2 large pink spots came on either upper arm and either thigh.  The doctors were amazed as they watched the dying baby’s color glow pink as the body came back to life.

This was a soul contract agreement that as one soul departed Lorraine’s soul could enter. As a child, adults wanted to hold Lorraine because she felt so good. But her parents said be careful as she might jump out their arms. For Lorraine, the adult’s energy that held her made her feel uncomfortable. As she grew up she always wondered why they did not come and pick her up and take her home.

She explained that she arrived with all 12 strands of her DNA activated from the 7th Pink Solar System, retained all abilities and has always used them for her purpose on Planet Earth. She knew from the beginning, her purpose was/is for the “Healing of Mankind / Humankind, with the message of physically immortality.

“We are here to live forever and never to grow old and die, as do all ‘people’ on planets across the Universes.”

Since February 2017, when Lorraine was downloaded all the Akashic Records of people, she has been assisting people to ACTIVATE THEIR OWN 12 STRAND DNA, face to face individually, across the internet using Zoom or Skype (individually or groups), and individually via phone.

Group Activations over Zoom are each Monday evening, 7.00 – 8.00 pm EST (Canada and USA time).  Individual Activations at times to suit, can be arranged by contacting Lorraine.

Cost for Group Activations is $75 USD.

Cost for Individual Activations is $125 USD.


You can email her at or phone her at +61 0415408086 ( +61 Australia’s country code)




Lorraine Joy Burke is a Unique Sea Sponge Artist with art website at:


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