TWS Episode 146:Tyhson Banighen:Facebook Live Group Healing Hour June 6th 2017

This episode of  The Wellness Show includes the Facebook LIve Group Healing Hour with Tyhson Banighen that was held Tuesday June  6th at 3:00 PM PDT.
I talked about the upcoming Rainbow Children’s Camp Monday July 3 to 9th that can be attended in person or the camp activities can be done at home with your children. For more details on how to join us go to The Rainbow Children’s Network

I talked about the Sacred Journey to the Maya Temples in the Yucatan in Mexico from Dec 28th, 2017 to Jan 3rd, 2018 which includes a sunrise, full moon, crystal skull and New Year’s ceremony and visits to the Mayan temples of Uxmal, Ake, Izamal and Labnah. For more information please visit

On this call, we did a matriarchal linage clearing.

We talked about learning to clear and ground yourself before clearing others including your family. It is best to do 21 days straight using the Deep Clearing Protocol you can get from

To learn more about Deep Clearing check out the FREE Course: Top 10 Questions about Deep Clearing

We did an exorcism of possession for an individual with Asperger and suicidal tendencies.

We talked about two ways to manifest by making a detailed list and asking Mother, source or God to deliver it, or a quicker way which is to feel the emotions of what it is to already have what you which will draw to you quicker, or you combine both techniques, but that is only half of the equation. The other is to feel worthy to receive which is loving yourself unconditionally even the lumps and bumps.

To join the new program Entrepreneurship for the Spiritually Gifted which is a mastermind for empaths, lightworkers, visionaries, and heart-centered people. Imagine working with a group of likeminded people, whose goal is to make millions to reach millions and create a new planetary system that benefits all of life. Are you in?

For energy healings, coaching or mentoring you can contact Tyhson Banighen at or phone him toll free in North America 1-866-369-7464

Join us next week for the FACEBOOK LIVE GROUP HEALING HOUR WITH TYHSON BANIGHEN which is every TUESDAY at 3:00 PM PDT, 6:00 PM ET, 9:00 AM Wednesday in Sydney Australia, for one hour of Dowsing and Energy Healing plus Q and A, group at

You can call in Toll Free in North America at 1-866-369-7464 or join by Zoom from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Or iPhone one-tap (Canada Toll): +16475580588,9011768122#
Or Telephone:
Dial: +1 647 558 0588 (Canada Toll)
Meeting ID: 901 176 8122
International numbers available:

See you next week to answer your dowsing and energy questions, or receive a healing.

Until then choose to be extraordinary!

Tyhson Banighen

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