TWS Episode 139:Dr. Rachna Patel Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain

In this  Episode  of The Wellness Show, Tyhson Banighen interviews guest Dr. Rachna Patel: The Medical Marijuana Expert. They talked about the use of Medical Marijuana for chronic pain.

Medical marijuana is legal in Canada and in different states in the US. in 1996 marijuana is legalized in California. But protocols in using marijuana changes every now and then.
Cannabinoids are the chemicals made from the marijuana plant. There are 2 types of marijuana; HIGH-CBD, non-psychoactive and HIGH-THC, psychoactive.

Some health conditions that can be treated with marijuana:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain due to:
    • Arthritis
    • Muscular pain
    • Plasticity
    • Neuropathy
    • fibromyalgia

Some results of patients using marijuana with chronic pain:

  • Patients still continue to take medications, but in smaller dosage.
    • Patients still continue to take medications, but with the same dosage and number.
    • Some are symptom management. Helping to reduce inflammation but not getting to the root of the pain. Ex. rheuma arthritis, crohn disease.

    What are the help using medical marijuana?

    1. Marijuana programs the immune cells for death or Apoptosis.
    2. Suppresses the production of cydicane. Cydicanes are signaling the molecules to start and stop informations.
    3. T regulatory cells. Cells that keeps the body in attacking cells. It activates the T regulatory cells.

    What are the sources the of the chemical (cannabinoids)?

    1. Phytocannabinoids – Chemicals come from the plant itself.
    2. Synthetic cannabinoids – Made from laboratories.


        • Marinol
        • Dronalanol
        • Nabilone

    Our own body. The body releases chemicals that the marijuana mimics that’s why marijuana reacts to our body.What are the different delivery options of Marijuana?

    1. Topicals – Made of creams, oils, or ointments. Used for skin conditions
    • Psoriasis, muscular pains, arthritis, etc.

    Vaporization– method that heats the plant rather than burning the plant.

    1. Edibles – this are in food forms; candies, gummies, chocolates, etc.
    2. Tinctures – liquid cannabis extracts of marijuana. This is used by dropping liquid under you tongue.

    Dr. Patel latest project is creating awareness/protocols about medical marijuana to be more accessible to everyone and it will be finish in a couple of months. Because this kind of topic is really important to be discuss and spread awareness to be able to give relevant informations to others.You can  get in touch with Dr. Rachna Patel through her facebook, or through her youtube channel, Dr. Rachna Patel: The Medical Marijuana Expert.RESOURCES:Dr. Rachna Patel

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