TWS Episode 138: Michael O’Connor: Humanistic Astrology Part II

In part II of The Wellness Show interview with guest Michael O’Connor. Tyhson and Michael continue their discussion on healing the consciousness, self-awareness, destiny, free will, how to work with the subconscious mind and the law of attraction.

We’ve used President Donald Trump as reference earlier but he is symbolically/representative a reflection of the one year, going back to the 2017 principle. He’s just a person with a certain personality structure who is positioned by various processes to be that person. Astrologically, he has a Sun-Uranus conjunction. Also it is collusive in The Eleventh House of Aquarius. Aquarius is a very paradoxical son. Paradoxes do not attempt to project a linear perspective.

We’ve been talking about evolution of consciousness, one cycle, cycles within cycles,multiplicity of cycles. Now, how as a life coach do you Michael bring people awareness where they are in their cycle?

Michael provides large contextual frameworks on Youtube or in his newsletter. With these charts, you can look it and the closer you get to it, the larger that reality becomes for that person.

The bridge between astrology and life coach is free will, Free will is part of destiny. In astrology traditionally is always question is its free will or faith and destiny. Always part of the present, but the danger with it is its free will in steroids.

It’s a egocentric materialistic motion  that you can do anything you want but ironically you’re taking your life into a hole. Copying or doing the same thing that other people are doing, like a slave.

Be someone unique and authentic!

For us to succeed, we should be surrounded by people who are light minded and as a group prosperity will come after, if you have unity and harmony.

We should recognize that nature by its order moves in its corporate way. Time and peace is being aligned with yourself regardless what your religion is.

Greed is massive in the world. People don’t care about others. It’s like a sickness like “I’ll be better if I have more”. This is where life coaching comes in,

“Let’s work with freewill possibility. I call the astrology the horizontal plane of probability, and the human potential movement in a way is the vertical plane of possibility.”Michael O’ Connor

You can  get in touch with Michael O’Connor through his website, or through his email


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