TWS Episode 136:Nenari Diamond : Soul Mediumship Part II

In Part II of Tyhson’s Interview with Nenari Diamond the conversation about how DNA can be rewritten to tap into our RNA, which is our consciousness or our divinity of who we are continues… To achieve it, there should be willingness to handle the residual energy of the old path. And it can be achieved through calmness and relaxation even in the middle of crisis. The unwillingness to shift might cause disorder, disease, or death.

Nenari just experienced near death recently. In the spirit form, she thought she was already done and was surprised to be resurrected. It really took a long time for her to really take everything back in again. It was when she experienced confusion wherein she didn’t know her purpose being resurrected back to life again. According to Nenari, resurrection is the death of the ego to allow room for the spirit.

“Christ is enlightenment and Buddha is the path to enlightenment.”Tyhson Banighen

“Bliss doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t have things happening in our life. We can still be in a place of sadness but still is giving us bliss.”Nenari Diamond

Nenari Diamond offers a six-week course starting this coming weekend. It covers some of the things talked about in this podcast but in a much deeper way, like, having to do with vibration and frequency, how to channel source, how to transform the mutated DNA into RNA, and different levels of mediumship and their differences.

For more details , visit her website or email her. The links are given below.


Nenari Diamond Contact Info:

When you have completed the Soul Mediumship Loveshoppe/Course, you will then be able to do sessions for yourself and others as a Soul Reader.

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