TWS Episode 135:Nenari Diamond : Soul Mediumship Part I

In Part one of a two parts, Tyhson Banighen interviews returning guest Nenari Diamond, Princess of the Sea. Nenari is currently in England and getting ready to launch her new course Soul Mediumship, which is a 6 week online course.

This interview with Nenari will cover this episode and the next episode, Tyhson and Nenari will talk about interesting things about time loops which hopefully helps us not get lost in space and time and helps us find our way.

In Week 1- vibration, frequency, and timelines are discussed.

What are loops?

Loops are re-occuring patterns that keep happening from the past to the present. It happens in a multidimensional consciousness. When you get stuck in a timeline loop it’s usually due to programming from this life or another life. And you end up doing something over and over again.

“The definition of insanity is repeating something over and over again and expecting a different result.” Einstein

Find that loop and bring into consciousness.

2 sides of coin:

Subconscious and conscious in your daily life and it’s literally about making a different choice. Sometimes, depending on how stuck  you are, it sometimes mean literally forcing yourself in a sense of conscious perspective to choose a different path and being aware of the residual energy as well.

The best way to describe this is like having an out of body experience where you’re the observer on one hand doing the subconscious work. And on the other hand being there’s the work being done unconsciously. This is what they will learn in this course.

An example may be when soul channeling a past life, turning into that frequency and vibration to do in this specific life where this person has issues.

Our souls have a blueprint and we bring that through by accessing the Akasha.

Is there a way to open the door to Akasaha?

Yes but her first was when she was 6 years old in the church. It was instantaneous. But in the course, she will teach how to do an invocation type prayer to access so people can get the modality of practicing that.

From Nenari:

Hi! Beautiful Soul Family, I Am about to release my Soul Mediumship Course, which will be available online, as well as, throughout England, Scotland, and Ireland as well. So many of you have been asking me ok I wanna do what you do since you have been doing this your whole life and came here with these gifts, how can I do such?

So here is a synopsis of the course below. Please respond here if you are interested in the online version and/or here in the UK~Soul Mediumship Loveshoppe/Course ~How to be a Soul Reader and Access the Akasha (Akashic Records) Soul Channeled Sessions, Soul Mediumship or Soul Reading as it can be called is much different than the usual platform mediums who bring through messages where either they are psychic and reading your aura or energy field or bringing through loved ones crossed over or other beings channeling through someone etc., which are the usual ways of mediumship/readings. Soul reading (soul sessions) is about just that, the soul.

This Loveshoppe Course is designed for those beginners who wish to know how be a Soul Reader, for those whom are already doing psychic readings, mediumship, tarot, and other forms of reading to take their gifts to the next level, and everyone in between. Here is just a bit of what we will cover in this Loveshoppe Course~

  • What is vibration and frequency and how to tap into multi~dimensions which are one of the big keys to being a Soul Reader.


  • Learn how to Soul Read and Read in general for yourself (you would be surprised how many readers come to me and say they cannot read for themselves ergo I shall guide you into how to do so)


  • The three main levels of standard Mediumship Soul Mediumship and what is it.


  • The levels/resonances of Soul Mediumship Soul Channeling (what is a channel, what is a true channel and how to Soul Channel and how to channel God/Source straight)


  • How to access, read, and utilize the Akasha (the Akashic Records) in a Session and what are the Four Essences of the Akasha


  • Multi~dimensional Access within the Akasha to access details about yours and all soul’s blueprints, soul’s themes, soul’s path and progression, starseed origins, any relevant lives lived on this earth and in all dimensions/universes/parallel universes/parallel dimensions that are relevant for you (or the one you are Soul reading for) now in your path for this life, soul agreements in this life and other lives, soul purpose and life purpose for this life and other relevant soul wisdom/information to bring through in channeled sessions.


  • Working with the Lightcodes, Lightrays, Crystalline energies of consciousness so that when you are doing a Soul Reading session you are also transmuting, shifting, and releasing any and all mutated DNA patterns to bring forth the RNA of the Soul essence with body and soul permission within accessing the Akasha and channeling God/Source. Most know about DNA yet few really know about RNA and how it is actually RNA which is the secret key to how we shift our consciousness through the multi~dimensions.


  • Walking the Talk ~ How to BE the living BEingness of what you channel.


When you have completed the Soul Mediumship Loveshoppe/Course, you will then be able to do sessions for yourself and others as a Soul Reader.

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