TWS Episode 134 : Detlef Friede:The Ancient Art of Hypnosis Part II

This is Part II of the conversation between Tyhson, Detlef, and Cindy where they previously talked about the negative energies and how Detlef conducts energetic surgeries. They also talked about the Application that is available in iOS which taps into their quantum field, delivers what the person needs to make the next best step.

In this episode, it is the continuation of their discussion about the Application and how it cleanses and heals an individual’s virus, entities, disincarnate beings and systems that no longer work.

We’re here to bring about the new operating system, Humanity 3.0. You can join us at and meet your tribe because together we can change the world.

As discussed with Detlef and Cindy, we have the tools that allow us to be able to keep us in the source and into the divine flow and to clean our system.

It took them three years of guidance and bringing it together to come up with the Application.

The pictures were existing but the universe gave us the entire framework. The website is The paintings and drawings by Cindy are more on the answers given by the universe which are then channeled into her work. The objective of these artwork is to help people to connect to the source.

Cindy has been a closet artist. She doesn’t want to take credit to the things she has created as the universe provided her all these. Soon, her paintings will be available for the world as each piece will speak to each person with messages far beyond our understanding.

What she does is function art, a multidimensional art and moves people from A to B. The art has frequencies that connects to people. A piece of art must be interpreted by the person looking at it. Just like when a person heals, it should be from within.

These frequencies are powerful, the painting captures the frequencies that is beyond our capability to even describe the painting.

Most of the technology that are coming through are soundless. Some of the most transformative energies that we can experience are soundless. The frequencies that has been used for mind control can now be reversed for a very powerful transformation to be back into love.

You can get the App for $599 on the Apple store. Visit for those who want to dive deeper on the science of it.

Everybody is facing emotional overload, we have to get away from that. People though, are getting together and bringing their knowledge to the table so we can bounce back from low frequencies to and get back to light.

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