TWS Episode 129:Bonita Summers: Psychic Coaching for Life and Business

Bonita K. Summers is a psychic life and business coach. She has background as university administrator, editor of national workplace magazine, a journalist and a freelance writer, and had worked in software. Her being psychic is natural born. This ability runs in her family and is considered as a normal trait.

She coaches people in all walks of life to help them move from one consciousness to another. She also teaches them to learn how to channel the universal energy and be pulled around them in order to get their emotions stabilized. Thus, it creates a peaceful environment for them.

“What used to work doesn’t work anymore especially for the empath.”Tyhson Banighen

“I see entrepreneurship as a spiritual path because you’re really bringing yourself to the business.”Bonita K. Summers

Bonita can learn what’s on their mind in just 5 minutes compared to the other life coaches who offer a lot of sessions just to get that information.

“My attitude is the more you see me, the less you should need me because if people are interested, I’ll teach them how to use their own psychic abilities so they can learn to tap their own inner wisdom and trust their own decision-making.”Bonita K. Summers

Bonita coaches one on one, a couple, a whole family, or even clients and employees as requested by the company. She also offers online services all over the world.

In the last part of the show, the key points that she wants to part with the others are the following:

  • Everything is inside yourself meaning the more present you are, the more you fall back in love with yourself which in turn, more people you let in.
  • Lots of tools to offer. By travelling, she gets to help others. She offers workshops, reading and talks.

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