TWS Episode 128: Anita Unrau: Soul Level Animal Communication

Anita Unrau provides a bridge between you and your pet.  She can communicate what your pet would like to teach you, pass along their message, or answer questions you have for them. She consults with animals on the soul level. All animals are here to connect with us in some way and teach us something.

Anita’s interest in communicating with pets started four years ago when she made a business with Danielle MacKinnon. *Danielle MacKinnon is a highly gifted intuitive and coach. She intensely connected with the animal kingdom. Anita underwent one of Danielle’s courses to become proficient in communicating with animals.

“From the first time I did an animal communication homework, it felt right for me that this is what I wanted to do.”Anita Unrau

Anita has a great love of horses and breeds and sells Norwegian Fjords. Her inspirations and life lessons mostly come from her horses. Her communication with her horses is so well that she sometimes knew which horse is very sick at a certain time.

Is your pet trying to get your attention and has something they want to make you aware of? Anita can be a bridge between you and your pet and even at a soul level. When reaching out with the animal at a soul level, here, Anita intuitively read what the animal wants to teach a certain person may it be your own pet, a neighbor’s pet, or just animals you passed by up in trees like birds.

Maybe your pet is getting ready to transition and you want to know what your beloved friend wants to express to you. Anita can help you out to bridge the two of you. When an animal is lost, some animals can return to their owners or homes even coming from miles away.

“There’s some kind of vibrational frequency that they can track.”Tyhson Banighen

“If we’re willing to listen, animals will tell us so many different things.”Anita Unrau

One of Anita’s goals is to help awaken people through their animals and to open them up to different things. People even with who is very conservative may have a conversation with the animal and start thinking differently.

Currently, Anita is in midst of putting together a book about life lessons, about animals, especially, horses.

“I like to support people. I like to give them information. I want to help you in any way I can by letting you know what it is your animal wants to tell you.”Anita Unrau

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