TWS Episode 127: Miguel Angel Vergara : Maya Cosmovision

In this interview, Miguel Angel Vergara, a Mayan Shaman, talks about the Maya Cosmovision. He explains why it is important to feel the sacredness of life with our heart. The union of the heart and the mind brings with it the Return of the Wise Men and Women.

“This is the connection with the spirit we have all around; any little thing, any stone, any plant, any flower, even things that we considered plastic, they have spirits.”Miguel Angel Vergara

The prophecy promises the return of these wise men and women at a time of crisis, at a time when they would be needed the most. That time is NOW.

“Science with heart and technology with love is what we need.”Miguel Angel Vergara

With the ending of the Mayan Calendar in 2012, the Sixth Sun was born. With the birth of this emergent sun, the world and its peoples entered a new cycle of change, and with it came the dawning of a new prophecy: “The Return of the Wise Men & Women.” These enlightened souls are those who, in this time of incredible change, are now awakening to their true, authentic beings. These wise men and women are YOU.

Maya means the chosen one. The ones who wish to restore their connection again with the creator that the Mayans called father and mother.

We no longer need to look solely to our political and religious leaders for guidance. We need to look inward to our authentic selves, to the Halach Uinik within, to wise men and women we are becoming.

The Maya, along with indigenous peoples throughout the world, have much to teach us about living in peace, prosperity, joy, and fulfillment. The Sacred Knowledge of the Maya has survived in their pyramids, temples, pottery, statues and ancient books and is very much alive and accessible today.

“We are not a religion. We are a spiritual connection with all the elements of life.”Miguel Angel Vergara

With each breath in and breath out, we say a prayer and with gratitude we embrace the sacredness of all of life. A person is the mirror of himself and everything can be reflected. Also, every culture who developed themselves something like two opposing forces and in the center is the neutral force, like, Yin and Yang or positive and negative. These forces create balance and help achieve a spiritual connection to everything.

Illuminado Casa Kin offers workshops, journeys, and training are designed to allow you to experience the magic of this Sacred Knowledge first hand. As you learn to connect the Heart of the Earth with the Heart of the Sky through Your Heart, you initiate a deep healing not only for yourself but also for Mother Earth and all humankind.


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