TWS Episode 126 : Shelley Darling- Najma Ahern – Julie Armstrong : Ancestral Bridge Australian Sacred Journey

Shelley Darling is in Australia with Najma Ahern and Julie Armstrong to begin a sacred journey to connect with ancestors of the land, the aborigines have always been connected to the land since the beginning of time in fact sacred time for them is called “dream time.” They travel through the desert landscape following the song lines, which is the energy in the land.

One of the upcoming events on the sacred journey is the Earth Medicine Alchemy Dowsing Retreat on Scotland Island at Bangalla March 31 Fri eve-Sun, April 2nd.


Evolutionary Dowsing increases harmonic resonance within any environment. Living in a Dowsed environment supports greater connection with relations, optimal health, inner peace and an enlighten field for community and global work.

“The dowsing that we’ve doing is actually changing the energy in the house to uplift it and clear the discordant energy so there’s much more harmony.”Najma Ahern

With the dowsing, they use the tool L-shaped dowsing rod because it’s in accord to the question they wanted to be answered. For this, they traveled Australia and visit the Ayers Rock or to its aboriginal name, Uluru, which is the solar plexus or the power center of the planet Earth.

According to Shelley regarding ancestral connection, it is very important especially for wanting to cultivate a new earth. The ancestral bridge is an experience of that inner and outer ancestor, and that relationship between the land and that within oneself to work in harmony together as part of the nation.

“Alignment of inner nature with the outer nature, when the two aren’t aligned, it ended up with culture that’s disassociated and crazy-making. We need to go back to the root.”Shelley Darling

Hamish Miller, a famous dowser in England who also wrote the book together with Barry Brailsford entitled In Search of the Southern Serpent. They went measuring the radials of the sacred sites, the positive vortex nature, the reason why Shelley, Julie, and Najma are attracted and wanted to go to the places who found to have strong positive vortex nature.

“To really begin to understand cocreation that we’re greater than the sum of our parts, it was how the sacred evolutionary dowsing can sort of came together. That was the voice was that come together, share our wisdom, engage, and things can happen that we can’t even imagine. We grow exponentially together.”Shelley Darling

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