TWS Episode 123 : Lisa Carberry:Personal & Planetary Sustainability

“In this interview, Lisa and Tyhson discuss the relationship between external environmental issues and the need to examine how we are internally being environmentally friendly towards our self and whether the fuel we are using is creating a sustainable future for our personal and collective evolution.

The Great Barrier Reef in Far North Queensland close to where Lisa is currently located, is a world heritage site and under threat from the effects of pollution from the mining industry, general degradation caused by humans, and rising sea temperatures, all of which are causing the coral to bleach and die and sea life numbers to decrease. .  Federal and State governments in Australia have given their approval for a large mining company, well known for causing environmental damage at numerous sites worldwide, to build the worlds largest coal mine and dump the toxic waste water from the process into the ocean and Great Barrier Reef area.  For further information you can view this video

See below The Guardian article re: Former Greens leader Bob Brown to launch alliance to oppose Adani Coalmine

The former Australian Greens leader Bob Brown Photograph: Alan Porritt/AAP

The former Greens leader Bob Brown will launch a new alliance of 13 environmental groups opposed to Adani’s Carmichael coalmine on Wednesday in Canberra.
The Stop Adani Alliance will lobby against the coalmine in northern Queensland, citing new polling that shows three-quarters of Australians oppose subsidies for the mine when told the government plans to loan its owners $1bn. to read full The Guardian article click here

Although environmental action is still being maintained, the dangers are still sprouting as the governments push for the continued construction and development of the coal mine.  Like a big chain reaction, people who value the environment and see the bigger picture and impact of such a development, are protesting.

“There are many, many people who are stepping up and speaking out and saying no we do not want this coal mine anywhere near us and our government needs to stop that going ahead for the future of the reef.” – Lisa Carberry

During the interview Lisa also mentions that she is planning to do a video or a Facebook Live feed further exploring the lessons that nature can teach and reflect to us about the human experience, particularly focussed on what bushfires teach us about life . To join in the conversation you can connect with Lisa via Facebook using this link

According to Lisa, people are connected to everything as individuals and as part of the collective. Individuals can do their part in helping the external environment by starting to clean up their internal environment, detoxifying oneself of any form of negative fuel like fear, depression, and anxiety and so on.

“…because nature is a very good reflector to us of our own human journey and experience.” – Lisa Carberry

“If we continue to alienate ourselves from our own inner nature, we’re going to alienate ourselves from nature as a whole and vice versa.” –Tyhson Banighen

According to Tyson and supported by Lisa, people need to align themselves to a new fuel source. Those who are into intuitive and healing arts, like Lisa and Tyhson, being of like-mind and in the spirit of Oneness sharing information, can create a chain reaction through which a transformation of the collective and global consciousness can be facilitated.

Individuals who have that kind of force within them can join enlightening groups like Finding the Force course. Included in the course is entrepreneurship for the spiritually gifted.

“If you’ll never, never go, you will never, never know.” – Lisa Carberry

Closing remarks from Lisa Carberry:

  • Follow where the path leads.
  • Be your absolutely awesome and amazing self.
  • Shine your light in the world.
  • Don’t base yourself on other people’s perceptions, look at how you feel. If you’re feeling you need to shift, change and have a detox, then do it for you. Don’t do it for anybody else.”

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