TWS Episode 121:Angele Ortega: EcoVillages, Community & Creating

Angele Ortega together with Richard Ortega own and operate the Johnson’s Landing Retreat Centre which is located 2 hours from north of Nelson and 3 hours south of Revelstoke. Currently, they are looking for new owners and would like to have at least these two criteria: first, preferably vegetarian and spiritual and secondly, have the money, a good million would be nice for good maintenance and development of the area.

“It’s a beautiful healing for the earth place.”Angele Ortega

The place can hold at least 30 people that are in beds. It offers two camping grounds to offer too. They have Quan Yin as big as a person. They also have a lot of events and these are:

  • Spring Festival Awareness
  • Sacred Music, Sacred Dance
  • Wise Women’s Festival
  • Tai Chi Summer Camp

Angele Ortega is also the publisher of Issues Magazine. It’s a magazine for empowerment and features healing and awakening. Details regarding the Johnson’s Landing Retreat Centre can also be read there.

Ima Rose, another guest for today’s episode, does integrative healing arts and Imaginal Awakening. She is the writer of Soul Garden Alchemy. She recently moved to Vernon, a renewed Okanagan as she called it.

Ima Rose was promoting her 8-week program that will start on April 29th. The program will be run in downtown Oxygen in Kelowna on Sundays and Title Elements on Saturdays. The program will revolve around different themes every week inspired by the westernized chakra system. The program themes each week are the following:

  • First week, the three-hour session is divided into three parts; yoga, Soul Garden Alchemy meditation, and embodiment ceremony or celebration. First hour is yoga. Coming out of Shavasana, you do the Soul Garden Alchemy meditation with deep exploration. After getting the information from the first two, you bring it then into a ceremony. There’s also the Kundalini dance activation.
  • For the second week, the sewing security. It’s the integration dance.
  • Third week is about the creative center. This is where the emotional release techniques are done to create more spaciousness for creativity and passion to come through.
  • Fourth week is solar plexus. It’s all about the “I am.”
  • Fifth week is about the Heart. This is the week of forgiveness, compassion and understanding.
  • Sixth week is communication centers. It’s all about finding your authentic voice and finding your soul song. You will do a lot of sounding and discovering sound frequencies within the body and how that can be used for greater transformation.
  • Seventh week is the third eye. It’s all about the inner vision and all about how to see oneself as a divine embodiment. It’s to visualize who you are at the most divine dress to wear. Then after that, do some soul portrait photo shoot. For this photo shoot, Opal Michel, a great photographer, will capture this moment.
  • Eight week is the crown. It’s the harvesting divinity. This will lead everybody through an Imaginal Awakening process ceremony.

For the last part of this episode, back again to Angele Ortega. Tyhson and Angele discussed about the video interview collections she had. The discussion led to an idea of featuring these videos to the Extraordinary Healing Arts Academy site as Ecovillage where people who are interested can link to.

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