TWS Episode 120 :Tyhson Banighen:The Wellness Fair

Tyhson and Michael attended the Kelowna  Wellness Fair. This episode is on interviewing various people at the Wellness Fair who were marketing products. This episode will introduce you to other wellness practitioners, why it is valuable for The Wellness Show to show in your Wellness Fair. It will help get the word out and will help you promote on the show.

One of the people who were interviewed was Chris Madsen. Chris organized the event in Kelowna. This event has been done for 15 years according to Chris.

“The intention of the Wellness Fair is to bring everybody together so that we can share.”Chris Madsen

“There are no problems, only solutions.”Chris Madsen

One person interviewed who was offering Sound Essence Certification program. It is a two-day workshop wherein they will teach how vibrational medicine can help with the wellness of their families, friends, or other people. Vibrational medicine is a combination of tuning fork vibration with homeopathic. It supports the body in all three dimensions; emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Another person is marketing different business models. With the help of five judges, business leaders in a community and share with them what is the concept of the business; what kind of support is needed that is viable, sustainable, and long term for businesses; methods for business to run.

Another one is promoting education on Chi, Chinese face reading, Feng Shui, and much more.

Next one is marketing skin care products called Proactiv that have been used by many celebrities in the United States. It is now being promoted in Canada.

Lastly, Immunotec was promoting the Immunocal, Glutathione Precursor, which is formulated with natural protein to help the immune system. Glutathione is a detoxification enzyme produced by the body. It is also an antioxidant. As people aged, glutathione produced by the body decreases. With the help of supplements like Immunocal, it adds to the glutathione inside the body that is a factor in eliminating toxic wastes inside the body.

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