TWS Episode 118 : Corey Poirier:Tedx Talks

Corey Poirier is a TEDx speaker, international bestselling author and top-rated personal and professional development show host. He appears regularly on television, radio and in print and he has shared the bill with the likes of Stephen MR Covey, Deepak Choprah and General Rick Hillier. Corey also hosts a radio show called Conversations with Passion (see here), a show that has showcased a lot of known personalities who shared their success stories.

Corey Poirier has free books for everyone in the coming weeks. You can get them at For TEDx Talk, searching TEDx Talk Corey Poirier will direct you to his videos on YouTube. Here is one of them How People Crush Fears and Expand Comfort Zones | Corey Poirier | TEDxCanmore Youtube

 Show Notes

Being a TEDx Talk speaker, it was never that easy for Corey Poirier. He got to be one because he was nominated due to his being an effective one. To be an effective speaker according to Corey, it’s best to start with knowing what questions your followers or audiences or anyone for that matter frequently ask you. The three questions Corey usually asked about were:

  • How do I write or launch my next book?
  • How did you ever get outside your comfort zone and do that?
  • How to write a book or how to launch a speaking career?

These questions helped him to compose what to talk about during his shows. Corey recommended that people do the same whether to their next TEDx Talk or their next article.

Corey also shared how he started being a standup comedian. He even had a TEDx Talk episode entitled Journey into the World of Standup Comedy. According to him, it started when one of the actors in a stage play during the French Festival in 2002 told him about a local comedy workshop at a university and that he should give it a try. He did try it. It took him a year to perfect his act.

“Standup comedy is the number one fear above death.”Corey Poirier

“My fear crushed me but I still survived.”Corey Poirier

Like him, Corey mentioned a few people who also took years before they perfected their acts. Tracey Macdonald is the only female comedian to ever winner Star Search category in comedy and she took five years to get her act together. Jerry Seinfeld took two years to get his 15 minutes of material that worked all the time.

“I think I was meant to get hit with the hardest fear and get the hardest way because what that did is that allow me to expand my comfort zone more rapidly than I probably ever could of any other way.”Corey Poirier

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