TWS Episode 117: Courtni Hale: Finding The Force

Courtni “StarHeart” Hale is an Artist and Novelist who has been painting and showing for 20+ years, both in New York and in New Mexico.   During many years of study of Natural and Traditional Knowledge the artist began to portray the vision she received while exploring different aspects of consciousness.  Nature, Sacred Geometry and Diverse World Culture is her inspiration. Courni is a returning guest on The Wellness Show and in this interview she talks about Art and Shamanism.

Show Notes

Courtni Hale is an artist, an activist, and a novelist. She’s been painting in New York and New Mexico using silk art. She dedicated her time to perfect this type of art. She even had them in frames with LED lights that change brightness and color via remote control. She also took her art online to showcase them.

“It’ll go straight from the printer to your house and it’s just a wonderful thing.”Courtni Hale

Courtni also researched shamanism. It started in a dream and in this dream she dreamt having a grown up daughter that showed her an image of a shaman. When she woke up, a book with that same person’s image was laying down beside her bed. Started then, she looked up for Patricio Dominguez from Albuquerque who was featured in the book The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls. She learned shamanism through him.

“In the dreamtime, the Eco Village was amazing because it was the first time in my life where I ever felt this overwhelming sense of love.”Courtni Hale

Courtni also published a new book called Urban Shaman I: Love. The book is about the beginning of her *journey to explore the nature of love. The book includes dream-time sequences, scientific research, and different interviews from renowned authors and lecturers, such as Patricio Dominguez.

Courtni Hale also launches an online course. She’s doing live feeds through her Facebook page (Courtni Hale Art). She will start a new website called Smart Arts for you and on YouTube soon.

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