TWS Episode 116: Angelica Rose: Wake Up to Pure Love

Show Notes

Angelica Rose is an angelic walk-in, gifted angel messenger, a certified hypnotist, author, and international radio host. *As Angelic Walk-in, she provides Angel and Medium Messages without human filters. She does this with the help of Ascended Starseed Beings, Angelic Realm and the Ascended Masters where she becomes a conduit for their pure loving energies as well as channels messages.

“As an angelic walk-in, when the body’s complete, it usually dies. And in my experience, I came in and continued on evolving the human expression to a place where I’m at right now so that I could support human consciousness, human mankind, womankind, and the planet with heightened levels of pure love.”Angelica Rose

According to Angelica, initially, her communication with the Angels and Ascended beings on the ethereal realm were through dreams. But now, she can communicate with them in the physical realm or earth realm too. Her transition to achieve this took her 19 years. She has written a book about how she got through these 19 years to reach her heightened level.

To check out Angelica Rose’s website and see the ebooks she offers in her store click here.

“I’m very committed to standing strong in my words and my actions and not entertaining anything that contradicts it because it’s not my being anymore.”Angelica Rose

“Now, that I’m using the angelic energy, I’m able to connect with this, not only the angelic realm but these ascended beings—Christ, descended masters, mother Mary, mother Magdalene, you know, any descended beings that have chosen to come from a very far, far, far away to come to this planet and help.”Angelica Rose

Angelica’s purpose in this planet is to help human beings to find their heightened level or enlightenment. She said people can achieve this by using and getting into the heart more and learning about bringing the vibration of love into place instead of using the human mind. They have to learn how to not use the human senses and use a heightened spiritual energy in order to make a connection. People also need to be willing to make a commitment and discard their past life stories.

“Have fun. Join the club. Keep laughing.”Angelica Rose

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