TWS Episode 115: Martin Pytela Part II :The Four Body Types & Metabolic Typing

Martin Pytela is the founder and CEO of Life Enthusiast, an online health store that focuses on helping people with chronic inflammatory health issues that do not respond well to mainstream medical practices. Using functional medicine principles he helps people understand how changing their inputs they can achieve different outcomes and turn disease into health. In part II of his interview on The Wellness Show, Martin explains what the four body types are and what Metabolic typing is .

Show Notes

Episode 115: Four Body Types and Metabolic Typing

We highly recommend listening to Part I of his interview Ep 114 Biological Diversity

In Part II of the interview Martin explains that the Four Body Types are:

  • Adrenal dominance type
  • Pituitary dominance type
  • Thyroid dominance type
  • Gonadal/Ovarian dominance type

Adrenal types, for example weightlifters, are usually stocky,  have big chests, strong arms, strong legs, are very resilient and can deal with a lot of stress. They usually crave savoury foods such as meat, sausages, and also spicy foods. If they gain weight it is all over. They usually skip breakfast, have a light lunch and the largest meal is at dinner time.

Pituitary types on the other hand are common to both genders, usually have larger size heads, such as Pillsbury dough boy body shape and they crave creamy foods like ice cream, cream cheese, or yogurt which are foods for the brain. Some Europeans who live inland in cold climates are usually the pituitary types. The usually eat large breakfasts, a medium-size lunch, and a light dinner, or no dinner at all.

Then, there’s the thyroid types which is the most common type in Europeans. They have slender legs and arms and their bodies and if they gain weight is usually in the belly- like an apple shape. They usually crave  starchy foods, sweet things, or bread and butter. They tend to eat even meal sizes all throughout the day, not too light and not too heavy, with some protein.

The last body type, which is mainly for women, is the gonadal/ovarian type. These body types usually crave spicy foods, which stimulates their ovaries to produce more estrogen which tends to cause their hips to grow wider, than is proportionate to their body size.

To know what body type you have, you can read the following books written by Dr. Elliot Abravanel entitled Body Type Diet and Lifetime Nutrition Plan and by William Wolcott entitled Metabolic Typing Diet.

“If you have cravings, you are not doing the right stuff.”Martin Pytela

You can also take the online metabolic typing tests which has three levels:

  • First level is the most basic one by Dr. Joseph Mercola at
  • Second level, you can take through
  • Third level, which is advanced, is available through coaches. This is ultra high level as this one is for the people who are ill and really need highly specialized or individualized attention.

“Stop being hard on yourself. Stop trying to figure this out on your own because you probably don’t have the right information to make the right decision anyway.”Tyhson Banighen

“Not everybody was meant to be eating the Italian farmer food that has become predominant in most America.”Martin Pytela

Metabolic Typing® is a scientific approach to your health that carefully looks at your unique digestive system and recommends the specific foods and supplements that support your unique body structure. It can help you stabilize your weight at optimum levels, and improve your overall health and energy.

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“There’s such a thing as biological individuality. It’s predicated on your genetics which is ancestors that have evolved and adapted to a specific localized food resource and you have inherited but you have probably moved away from that local place where it was appropriate but you still need to eat like your ancestors. Not where you are but where you came from.”Martin Pytela

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