TWS Episode 072: Mellissa Rempfer: A Collaborative Approach to Business

Show Notes

From homeless in high school to a $9.8 million ongoing passive income stream to build a student center for her college (before the age of 21); Mellissa Rempfer see opportunities and takes action. Mellissa invites entrepreneurs to step into their Brilliance. Anything is possible if you dream, take action, and work in collaboration. Mellissa Rempfer is the visionary behind the collaborative cooperative global community of entrepreneurs called the Brilliance and Business Community. Brilliance and Business is a collaborative community of entrepreneurs, coaches, and marketers who are dedicated in supporting each other to grow our businesses utilizing the power of we. Collectively we can each do what we are brilliant at, and grow our businesses while also making a difference in the world.

Her success didn’t end there; she now owns two companies and travels all over the world. “Be who you are, your brilliance is just waiting to show up; yet we get in our own way and we limit ourselves.”

About eight years ago Mellissa was introduced to a developmental system, which deals with nine different energy personality types. Mellissa discovered that she quickly had to find her balance in life so she could help herself and others.

Mellissa was diagnosed with Lupus and had to go on medical leave. As a result of her energy personality, she had overworked herself. While she was seeing a councilor, they suggested Mellissa get in to coaching.

As Mellissa was building her business, she notes that she tried to do everything herself instead of focusing just on her own area of expertise. “I was doing everything, instead of being really good at my own area of brilliance. In  my own case, this was bringing a group of people together to work as a collaboration, as a unit to support each other.”

Mellissa said she was always conscious of keeping things on a horizontal level, making sure to not elevate herself as a leader but more as a facilitator.

People in the online community were looking for face-to-face meetings instead of solely online interactions. Mellissa decided to have chapter in different areas, and they now have 17 chapters all over the world. Each one has paired up with a local non-profit organization to help serve the communities they are in. “So it’s not just helping the individual business owner, it is helping their business, their clients but also the local communities that we are all connected to and have that ripple effect.”

What Mellissa loves about these collaborations is that one person’s brilliance can be someone else’s weakness. “If we all come together and we all do our thing, then we will lift each other up and grow our businesses.”

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