TWS 140:Kelly Lapseritis: Part I :The Sasquatch Star Child Connection

Tyhson’s guest on The Wellness Show is Kelly Lapseritis. Kelly is a clairvoyant and medium working with several inter dimensional beings. She practices ancient shamanism, is a spiritual life coach and also a wellness consultant.

In this episode  of The Wellness Show with host Tyhson Banighen guest, they will be talking about quantum physics and Kelly’s connection to Sasquatchs .

Kelly Lapseritis has a connection to souls of multiple dimensions and levels of consciousness. She is a clairvoyant and medium working with several inter dimensional beings and practices ancient shamanism and is a spiritual life coach and wellness consultant.

Kelly explores and teaches several techniques within quantum metaphysics such as emotional and energetic healing, meditation, self healing with use of acoustics, crystals, essential oils, psychic development, consciousness training, and ways to learn how to create positive change in one’s life.

Kelly is also an Autism Acceptance advocate and shares the knowledge, techniques, and health information that she has discovered through her own research and also through foresight given to her through her own awesome autistic son.

She also advice people just like her to practice their skills and find support groups online or locally to discuss this. But some people will chose to shut it down and there’s nothing wrong with it. Kelly believe that everything will come at a right time. Being open hearted and minded in doing things you like. And meditation is a big help in keeping you on the right track.

Sasquatch people wants to teach us telepathy, teleportation, astral travel, etc.. They are teaching kelly bio-location, a technique different from astral travel, but be in several place at once. We are more closely related to them because of our DNAs. Sasquatch people are the first mammal people on earth.

For Kelly, sasquatches are the greatest teachers that we need right now, to help us evolve ourselves to save/change our world.

Could human and sasquatch can meet physically?

Right now, physical meeting is really hard to do and humans are not yet ready. Due to human nature and dark forces meeting physically may be a bad idea, because they may want to kill or destroy them. But they do meet with us in a higher level of consciousness. The more you practice you level of consciousness, the larger possibility you can meet with them. So we need to practice and develop ourselves and be in a safe place.

Do you Kelly help people learn to tune in to that level of consciousness?

Kelly do teach people who are ready. It is a lifelong commitment to practice this things. Some souls learn fast due to they have more experiences. Kelly teach meditation and ways to connect to mother nature to have positive vibrations in life.

There are a lot of star children being born, but they are being labeled with mental disability due to their uniqueness. But they teach us a lot of things, like how to be more human, more sensitive, compassionate and many more.

If you have a  star or rainbow child and want to understand and learn more about them, in the 1st week of july, there will be a rainbow gathering in Sherlaw, British Columbia. A gathering for all star/rainbow children with different games and activities for them and we will also teach parents and guardians more things about their children for them to understand them more to support their uniqueness.


Kelly Lapseritis

Finding the Force

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Finding the Force