Subject: Are you afraid/ fearful right now? Here’s how to stop! Good news, too!

Yes, The World Is In Transition
Yes, there may be danger
We are doing great.
Here’s why:
Because we’re all still alive!
Look, the world was always going to leap into the New Age / Age of Enlightenment / Heaven on Earth now. That was inevitable.
But in the past, whenever planets shifted this dramatically and quickly, Nature took the path of least resistance: it just wiped out everybody. Earthquakes, floods, the works. That means, on a planet this size with this population, maybe 600,000 people would survive. That’s it. In the clean atmosphere that followed, those people and their descendents would live in a golden age.
But this time – here on Earth – we’re trying something different; something that’s never been done before: bring the whole world’s population – 6-7 billion – into the golden age all at once. All alive. All healthy. That’s the goal.
So far, so good!
Yes, there are floods. There are earthquakes. There may be more. But even with millions displaced, almost zero deaths! That’s the good news. We understand there are some people dying, and we are compassionate and sympathetic for them and their families.
But do you realize that 1200 deaths in India’s recent flooding — a flood that displaced 41,000,000 people– 1200 is nothing. Again, compassion and sympathy, but in the past, they all would be gone. So given how it could have played out: This is amazing news.
First of all, don’t watch the news. It’s misleading. Secondly, always keep this in mind: we’re trying to save everybody! If you see the news, and you see that millions could have died and only a small number actually did– that’s a sign that things are going well.
The world needs to transition. Shifts/ changes have to be made. The negativity, stress, hatred, etc. — all the imbalances – need to go.
But THEY CAN GO SMOOTHLY. It doesn’t have to be that dramatic or uncomfortable. There are many groups and programs helping in many, many different ways on the planet right now.
We offer several easy, simple, and free ways you can help too.
Tomorrow, we’ll give you great tips and links you can use to feel safe, feel secure, and help the world transition more smoothly.
In the meantime:
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Floods, Fires, Bombs and Violence Can Be Avoided — Effortlessly
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Ascension Energy — great for you and for the world; increases higher energies and vibrations into all around
Joy of Life — happiness is the purpose of creation; this re-enlivens the deep joy of life within each of us.
Use any one or all of these to create Heaven on Earth for yourself, your loved ones, and all around you. Remember, any of these will make a tremendous difference as Heaven unfolds. They are all incredibly powerful.
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David Adelson
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To learn more about David Adelson’s work listen to Tyhson Banighen, the host of  The Wellness Show, interview him on the show. 
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