Letting Go -The Pathway to Surrender

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This was a busy Sunday for me as I had a client visiting our Sunnybrae Retreat Center www.Shuswap-Cottage-Rentals.ca. He was in the midst of what he called a 180 degree turn around in his life. He wanted dome help to let go, as quickly as possible, of what no loner served him. We decide the fastest way to help him get him from where he was to where he wanted to be in the shortest amount of time possible was to do a Quantum Sound Session.

The way this works is I record his voice.

There is more information in one’s voice than in one’s finger print.

We first created a voice baseline sound file to show what was happening in each of his chakras at each level of his being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and then future possibilities. The results are printed out as a bar code with colors for each chakra at each level. I then asked him if he had a magic wand that he could wave, and have whatever he wanted what would it be? We discussed what would it feel like to have everything he wanted.

I then took him on a short-guided meditation to remove all the emotional and mental barriers in the way and then had him feel what it was like to be in the zone where he safe, sound and secure and had realized everything he wanted. I then recorded his voice against. There was a significant quantum jump shown on the bar graph as the new manifestation energies flowed through his chakras.

Next, we produced a sound file that he listened to in the Dodecahedron Sound Chamber. The voice  sound file is run through scalar wave generators that excite noble gases that communicate to the higher dimensional aspects of his being. His mind let’s go, his body destress leaving him refreshed and renewed.

I call it the no fuss, no muss, no analytic couch method of letting go –  the pathway to surrender. When you free the mind, and drop into your heart magic will happen in your life.

To learn more about this technique and to book your session go to www.Sacred-Soul-Sounds.ca

See you at the same time tomorrow.



Tyhson Banighen, The Illuminator and Master Dowser