Imagine learning how to let go and be all that you can be.

We are the summation of our thoughtswords, and actions. Our words and deeds arise from our thoughts.

“If you begin to think about Success, those thoughts will turn into Words. You will speak about Success and find ways to be Successful, no matter what. When you find the different ways to be Successful, they will turn into Actions. And when you repeat those Actions again and again, they will become Habits. Then those Habits will become your Character – A Character of Success. And that’s what your Destiny will be – A Destiny of Success – You will be Successful all the time, and you will do all that you do in a successful manner.”  ~Gurdip Hari
YOU are the creator of your life and your reality with every thought, word, deed and action!

If your mind is deluged with negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, or if you are lacking drive and energy or feel like you need an afternoon nap just to make it through the day, then it is time to do a clearing.

If you feel drained, out of sort and not yourself, or you feel that something just isn’t right

then the Deep Clearing Protocol is for you.

Learn how clear, heal, repair and manage your life force.

Remove the old stories that no longer serve you and install new programs to accelerate your spiritual growth and keep you vibrantly healthy. The goal is that in 40 days or less you will be free of anxiety, depression, fatigue and stress that leads to fear, disorders and disease. Imagine being able to stand your ground no matter what life throws at you.

The Deep Clearing Protocol

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Do the Deep Clearing for 21 days straight to remove noxious energies in the body and geopathic stress from the earth wherever you go. If you miss a day please start all over so the clearing process by repetition becomes automatic.

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Tyhson Banighen, M.A., The Illumnator, Master Dowser and Founder of The Extraordinary Healing Arts Academy who guides, coaches and mentors people to discover their life’s purpose and their inner light. Use this link to book a FREE 30-minute Empowerment Session