Do you want a DNA Star Activation?

Tyhson Banighen, the host of The Wellness Show, interviews Iona Flores regarding DNA Star Activations.

Who wants an upgrade on the most important piece of YOU. We upgrade our phones, computers, cars, homes, and clothes. These are all material possessions. Don’t YOU think it’s time to care for the more important things in life like your Happiness, Well Being, Helping others, and Clearing all in your way to a better fulfilled life making a difference in the World, and leaving your imprint on the World. I’ll be doing my Star DNA Activation you won’t want to miss this call. Listen in and receive an upgrade of your DNA and light bodies.

Iona offers DNA Activations to upgrade your Light Bodies to hold higher frequencies of 5D energies and higher that are possible to live in 24 hours a day. It’s time for your rebirth into your new life. I use color, crystals, and sound vibrations to clear all old energy out of all your realities so you can heal and create a whole new life full of joy, laughter, and fun. You will feel lighter, free, calm, and blissful as the old dense energies are being released. You will feel so connected to your Higher self and the Beings I work with. It’s like a home coming.

A remembrance of who you are, why you are here, and what your purpose is. This is huge for your whole family line. As you heal your whole family heals. I clear all blocks that have been holding you back from your ideal life of perfect health, wealth, relationships, and life purpose. You are holding the key to your happiness. All your gifts are accessed in your dormant DNA Strands. Your higher self has all your past lives knowledge that you have access to, by reprograming your DNA to the Super Light Being you can be. You can live as you were in ancient time your Soul Blue Print has all your knowledge to bring forth into your current reality now.

I turn you back online with the help of The Masters, Arch Angels, magical creatures, and Star Beings by accessing your true potentialities to bring forth into your current life now. We go Quantum on a soul journey into the ethers, Galactically, Universally, Angelically, Bringing you in alignment with the Sun, Star, and Moon Energy. Bringing you back online to your Star Family. My God Team clears all outdated programs, old tapes, old energies from ancestral, generational, genetic lineage, mother, father healing, black magic, spells, curses, vows, karmic loops, patterns, negative energy, negative entities, clears negative self-talk, balances masculine and feminine energies, childhood trauma, past relationships trauma, abuse, emotional, mental, physical, or sexual abuse that keeps you stuck in old programs of neglect, trauma, hurts, betrayals, shame, fear, anxiety, low energy, low self-esteem, low self-worth, poverty consciousness, dead-end jobs, unsatisfying jobs, repeating the past, repeating patterns, same story, different characters, and toxic relationships, healing your family, from all lives, past, present, and future realities.

Think about how magical your life can be. It will start to run a lot smoother with you being in total alignment with accessing your dormant DNA. You will not feel separate from your source anymore because when you live in 5D consciousness or higher you are living like a Master. Your inner and outer world will reflect peace, harmony, balance, BLISS, and LOVE. All you ask for you shall receive on Demand. Everything will be aligned, magic, synchronistic, playful, fun, and exciting manifesting all of your dreams and turning it into your current reality. How does it get any better than this? What else is possible? Start using your heart energy to manifest. Stop trying to figure it out with your mind. You will just drive yourself crazy. Tap into your Heart Energy and watch your life unfold in so many synchronicities and magic around every corner. Using your imagination and creative energy in the present moment is the key to living the life of your wildest dreams. We are born creators. What are you focusing your attention on? The Universe is responding to your emotional state, mental state, and what you talk about all day. Your words have power and the vibration goes out to the Universe so watch your words, speak love and kindness to yourself and others. Bless others. Stay in peace and gratitude and see what transforms in your life. The universe responds to action. So get up and start creating your new life through taking inspired action daily to create the life of your wildest dreams is all possible if you dare to dream big. Comment “YES “below to be included in this activation of remembering your Star Family. The Universe is playing with you so have fun and get into the flow of things. Stop struggling. These Star Beings are here to help you find your happiness again. Look at all the people you consider Masters what aspect do they all convey? They all have that inner glow and radiance. You can feel their energy is very high vibration it glows from their eyes. Their smile is infectious. They exude happiness, inner peace, harmony, balance, alignment, bliss, and fun. You can have this too. The Masters were once like you but they decided to change their circumstances and knew they had to change their perception in order to change their reality. When you decide to do the inner healing work your outside world starts to shift and change for the better because you are relearning how to love yourself again and to know it is an inside job. Look within for LOVE. Start being nice to yourself, your body is listening to every word you speak and every thought you think. You were never broken that is just an illusion. You are pure love at its highest state.



Listen in and receive an upgrade of your DNA and light bodies.

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