Brain Balancing Protocol

by Erika L Soul of Rainbow Healings.

For your body to heal it requires the mind and brain to be functioning well and if the brain isn’t switched on the messages don’t get through to your body so your body heals. I experienced this directly years and years ago I had had some flu or something and could barely walk around at this expo where I was on a stand volunteering and when I lay down for a kinesiology session the lady tested my brain and it wasn’t switched on so my body wasn’t able to get the messages through for getting well again, once she did this I was right as rain and got better straight away. So you see after years of doing healing work on myself and for others this Brain Balance protocol has arisen and mainly from working on balancing my own brain and switching it on if it has switched off from some stress or negative thought or reaction!

I have gathered these brain healing protocols from many sources of the healing modalities I utilize and from my own understandings of what the brain needs to function properly I have gathered over the years. I started creating this list here from what I do for myself to have my brain function optimally and this has developed over many years. I wrote it down here for anyone else wanting to receive this also and it has developed a life of it’s own now !!!! I love to use this for myself and I am its best guinea pig !! Some of the dowsing items are from Raymon Grace a great Energy dowser I love and learn heaps from and one from Tyhson Banighen’s ‘Deep Pendulum Clearing’ dowsing protocol on his website, which is also excellent. Raymon Grace has a youtube video where he dowses 3 things for the brain, it is called Random Acts of Kindness. Other items are from other healers also and I have reworded a lot of it and some is as they say it also.

For you to receive this Brain balance healing you can say a Most Benevolent Outcome request which I have worded one here for you or dowse this with a pendulum yourself or anything you have you can use as a pendulum, or theta heal it if you are a theta healer , or One Command it if you know the One Command, or simply ask that it be done for you now, or clean all memories causing any problems with your brain functioning and balance with Ho’oponopono!  So you can simply use the healing techniques you know or my suggestions here to have this done anytime you feel off balance, stressed, not yourself or unwell. You can simply dowse each item one at a time also as needed as each of these are what you would dowse for individually also..

I regularly update this list and add to it so check with me over time for any new versions I have created and on my website are my contact details and Facebook and skype details also. If you want to have this dowsed for you and your brain function checked for how balanced you are simply contact me and we can arrange this which will require a show of appreciation of a donation via my shop on my website !!! If you want it done more than once like over a period of time just say so and give a more generous donation. I have a Soul Energy Healing group on Facebook that I facilitate as a online healing circle which you are welcome to join and you can join a list of names there to receive this regularly. I am also available for Energy dowsing sessions for whatever you are experiencing.


You may change this protocol to make it right for you and create your own wording you like for it but do not change this document where you share a changed version of it for anyone else simply to respect my creation here thank you. If you feel a lot of benefit and want to let me know feel free to  thank you !


Guardian Angel, I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a complete Brain Balance Healing to be done now, for my physical and etheric brain to be in total balance and harmony, and 100% overall brain health and functioning, and to receive everything in this brain healing protocol that is for my best and highest good right now and continue to keep my brain in this balanced harmonious state for the next 24 hours  and/or for as long as possible now, thank-you.


  1. Heal and Balance the Brain completely.
  2. Hydrate the cells in the brain fully.
  3. Oxygenate the cells in the Brain fully. 
  4. Balance the Blood flow to the brain 100%. 
  5. Balance all Brain chemicals levels.
  6. Balance my hormone levels to their ideal levels.
  7. Make all electrical activity in the brain in perfect harmony and balance.
  8. Balance  the Blood sugar levels in the body and brain,
  9. Put the brain on its ideal brain wave frequency & maintain it at the most beneficial brainwave frequency in each situation each day.
  10. Balance both the right and left Brain hemispheres.
  11. Brain is switched on !
  12. Whole brain integration.
  13. Improve  Brain functioning to 100%.
  14. Neutralize all ill effects of trauma and stress from any negative thought or emotion or experience on the Brain and body . 
  15. Heal the negative charges on all negative thoughts, emotions, memories in each cell in the physical and etheric brain.
  16. Change all negative/non beneficial thought forms in the conscious and subconscious mind into positive beneficial life enhancing thought forms.
  17. Heal any stress and trauma in every cell of the physical and etheric brain.
  18. Create a calm clear happy bright positive mind and Brain.
  19. Increase recall, memory and organisational abilities.
  20. Reboot, repattern my brain and keep it clear and balanced.
  21. Neutralize, balance, transmute any and all ill effects of EMR on brain and any harmful influence of EMR and electronic devices and change to beneficial energies.
  22. Mind and brain functioning in perfect and divine order.
  23. Raise the Level of love in the brain to 100%. 
  24. Integrated Brain Activation.
  25. Do all Theta Healing commands for the brain that are beneficial now.
  26. Cleanse purify transmute all memories and energies causing any dysfunction or disharmony for the mind and brain now, thank-you..
  27. Put the brain and body on their ideal frequencies for overall harmony and balance.
  28. Balance any detrimental or harmful energies of any kind from anywhere affecting the brain and overall brain functioning and bring healing energies needed to balance the etheric and physical brain.
  29. Neutralize any and all ill effects of mass consciousness and any ill effects of any person on the brains health and functioning in any way.
  30. Cut any and all cords negatively affecting the well being of the persons brain and mental health.
  31. Raise the Energy, Vibration and Life force of the Brain to the highest most beneficial levels now thank-you.


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